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While The Uncles Away Bad Aunt Sally Will Play

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(Avg Rating: 4)

06/21/2019 | 20:44 | Categories: masturbation, mature

Starring Conor Coxxx, Sally D'Angelo

Down in Sunny South Florida during school break, Conor has decided to take a relaxing skinny dip in his Aunt and Uncle’s pool while they are gone away. While floating all about the peaceful pool, monster dong all out in the open, Conor’s Aunt Sally walks out to inform her nephew that his uncle has left and she’s gonna go change to get ready for the pool. Intrigued by his aunt’s comments, Conor exits the pool and walks over to the glass door connected to his Aunt Sally’s room, and starts voyeuristically gazing upon her like the horny little boy he is. Not letting on that she’s fully aware of her young stud nephew looking on, Sally starts to seductively strip right in front of the glass door, teasing her yearning kin as she starts speaking about how she’s always wanted to fuck her nephew, especially now since she’s seen his nice cock. Aunt Sally then reenters the patio area and starts chatting her nude nephew on the couch. She mentions how she’s definitely noticed that Conor’s been carrying the “family jewels.” “This can our little secret, honey.” Aunt Sally starts gently stroking her nephew’s huge cock while Conor sucks on his aunt’s huge tits. Sally then gets on her knees and starts blowing him, talking naughty the whole time.

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