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Memorial Day Sale

Sperm Donations For Rent Money With Hope Harper

Memorial Day Sale

(Avg Rating: 4)

02/08/2019 | 18:52 | Categories: blonde

Starring Conor Coxxx, Hope Harper

Your beyond cute roommate Hope has just entered your room because rent is about to be due, and once again y'all are low on funds. Waiting tables just hasn't been cutting it with the bills, but your clever roomie may have found just the solution for the household's financial woes. While she was at the doctor this morning, she found out there was some good money to be made as a sperm donor. You're a little hesitant at first, but she easily convinces you knowing that you haven't had a girlfriend in awhile and have in fact been constantly fantasizing about her. Hope starts to grab your penis, but immediately notices that the somewhat awkwardness of the situation is making it difficult for you to get hard. So with minor resistance, she agrees that the sample is the most important thing and strips down fully naked for your viewing pleasure. The nervousness soon dissipates as your sexy roomie playfully teases your cock, talking dirty to you while giving you those alluring eyes. Massaging your balls at times to fully build up that sample, Hope even begins playing with herself, teasing her clit while continuing to jerk your big cock. She then grabs one of those medical cups she snagged from the office so that she can make sure to get every last drip of your sperm. Might not be the best sample for now, but hey, things will only get better with practice ;-) And better yet, rent is actually going to get paid!

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