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Its Time You Knew Big Dick Cuckold BJ With Madelyn Monroe

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(Avg Rating: 4)

08/17/2018 | 29 Photos, 11:48 | Categories: blonde, brunette

Starring Conor Coxxx, Madelyn Monroe

You haven't been able to get in touch with your girlfriend Madelyn for a couple weeks. Finally you get a package in the mail from her, it is a video tape...you put it in your TV right away and quickly wish you wouldn't have. Madelyn has some bad news for you, she's breaking up with you! She explains that she's found someone "bigger" that fucks her right and that this will be the last time you see her slobber on cock. As if that wasn't horrible enough Madelyn begins to blow her new man as she keeps talking to you.You're reminded of how amazing her blowjobs are as you continue watching her sucking off her new dick wishing so bad that it was yours. She takes off her lingerie and bends over to show you the holes you'll never get to fuck again.Then goes back to stroking and slurping on her new dude's cock as she drools all over him. Madelyn can't seem to get enough as she gags on him and spits all over his shaft and balls. She strokes him to completion right onto her mouth and tells you it's the last time you'll see her face covered in cum.

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