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In Home Doctor Visit Turns Explicit With Erica Lauren

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01/26/2018 | 78 Photos, 23:45 | Categories: blonde, Hardcore, mature

Starring ConorCoxxx, Erica Lauren

Conor calls in for a doctors home visit. He can’t walk, and he is in a lot of pain. He hangs up the phone, and grabs his cock. If his boner doesn’t go away soon… his dick may explode! Theres a knock on the door, and Conor tells the doctor to come in. Dr. Erica Lauren begins checking on Conor, she checks his temp, and starts asking question. “Where are you having pain?” Conor explains he is having pain in a certain area of the body. Dr. Erica asks, “Is it above the waist, below the waist…What are we talking here?” Conor pulls down the covers and shows Erica his hard cock, and tell her his boner will not go away. Dr. Erica thinks she can take care of that… And begins to suck Conor’s cock. She works her tongue all around the tip of his cock. Dr. Erica starts removing her dress suit, “I think a little more therapy will help..” She removes her blouse.. “I wasn’t expecting this, but this is great!”, Conor lays back and enjoys himself as Dr.Erica continues to suck his cock. Now in only a matching salmon-colored bra and panty set, Dr. Erica rubs Conors balls and works her mouth all over his dick. Dr. Erica suggests that Conor may need a little “advanced therapy”.. She leans over to the side, and tells Conor to shove his cock right inside of her pussy. He glides in, and fucks Dr. Erica from the side. She gets back on her knees, and sucks his cock gain, before Conor bends her over and fucks her from behind. Dr. Erica moans out as Conor plows her pussy from behind. Conor lays back and relaxes as Dr. Erica gives him more head. She climbs on top and rides him, until Conor flips her over and is on top… He cums all over Dr.Erica’s stomach. It looks like Conor’s issue was resolved.

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