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I Caught You Sis Now Blow Me With Anastasia Rose

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02/02/2018 | 21:47 | Categories: brunette

Starring Anastasia Rose, ConorCoxxx

Anastasia Rose gently rubs her nipples while laying in bed. “Im so glad mom and Dad are gone! They would not approve of me being such a bad girl…But everybody needs to feel relaxed”. Anastasia begins to rub herself, and removes her tiny thong. “Mom says to not wear thongs…They are too inviting..” She giggles, “But, I am inviting.” Anastasia continues to play with her nipples, and takes off her top. She rubs her pussy, and slowly fingers herself. “Mommy says I’m not suppose to do this..But it feels so good!” She shoves her finger inside of her, and begins to finger her asshole. “Mommy also says I’m not suppose to put things in my butt…But I like things in my butt.” Anastasia moans in pleasure, as she pleases herself and rubs her own breasts. Anastasia’s brother walks in her room and catches her pleasing herself. “What the fuck are you doing?!” Anastasia is surprised, “You’re not suppose to be in here!” Her brother insists that her door wasn’t exactly locked, and he could hear her all the way down the hall. They are suppose to be at church in a few hours! What is she doing? “Mom and Dad aren’t home! I am having my alone time..” Anastasia’s brother threatens to tell their parents that she has been pleasing herself… But he may know one thing she can do to keep him silent. Anastasia can either give her brother a blowjob, or risk getting sent back to Catholic school. Anastasia agrees, and let’s her brother lay back on her bed. “I don’t know why you’re making a big deal.. You were just masturbating.” Anastasia takes in the tip of her brother’s cock in her mouth…”Wow, I didn’t know your cock was so big, bro.” She sucks and deep throats her brothers big cock. Anastasia gags on her brothers cock. “Those are some nice tits sis!” I guess big things run in the family. She plays with his balls, and takes in every inch of his cock in her mouth. “I get practice with other boys.” Anastasia’s brother laughs, “I bet you do, you little whore..” She giggles and takes in her brother’s cock even more. Her brother sits up so Anastasia can bend over and let her brother fuck her face. She grabs on to his balls, and slowly rubs them while sucking all of his cock. Anastasia gags in her brother’s cock, while he fucks her face..until he cums all inside of her mouth. “How did it taste?” Anastasia swallows her brother’s load..”You taste great… I think we should do this more often..”

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