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Hotel Threeway With Lux Lisbon And Tiffany Spice

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(Avg Rating: 4)

08/09/2019 | 01:13:13 | Categories: blonde, brunette, Hardcore

Starring Conor Coxxx, Lux Lisbon, Tiffany Spice

Beauties, Lux Lisbon & Tiffany Spice, sit on the bed kissing. The blonde and brunette giggle and roll around the bed, making out with each other and rubbing over each other’s bodies. Lux and Tiffany strip complexly naked, and eat each other’s pussy. Lux grabs a tiny vibrator, and fucks Tiffany’s tight pussy as she licks her clit. Lux grabs another toy that is bigger, gets it nice and wet and sticks it deep in Tiffany’s pussy as she licks her asshole. Lux lays back and Tiffany licks her pussy and fucks her with the tiny vibrator. The girls crawl down to Conor’s cock, kissing each other…and sucking his cock. Lux deep throats Conor’s cock as Tiffany licks his balls. Tiffany lays back on the bed as Conor licks and fingers her pussy. Conor fucks Tiffany on the bed as she stretches her legs out wide on the bed. Tiffany flips over and Conor fucks her hard from behind. She climbs on top and rides Conor’s cock as he thrusts in and out of her tight pussy. Conor finishes Tiffany on top, then moves on to blonde bombshell, Lux. Conor licks Lux’s nipples, and eats and fingers her wet pussy. Conor shoves his cock deep in Lux’s tight pussy and fucks her on top. Lux flips over and Conor fucks her from behind. Lux and Tiffany lay next to each other as he goes in and out of both of their tight pussies, while they play with each other. Lux and Tiffany suck Conor’s cock to finish him off, until he cums.

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