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Fuck You Were Finished POV Break Up BJ Video

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(Avg Rating: 4)

07/26/2019 | 13:05 | Categories: Handjob, masturbation, POV

Starring Conor Coxxx, Dakota Charms

Dakota Charms has made a video for you! Unfortunately it is only to inform you that she's cheating on you AND breaking up with you. She has found a better guy. Someone who is less of a loser and has a bigger cock that can satisfy her. She loves sucking her new guy off. It's such a mouthful for her tiny mouth. She drools all over his cock, plays with it, blows bubbles on it, she can't get enough! She begins to strip and explains you'll never have her small tits, big juicy ass, or tiny wet pussy ever again. Dakota then bends over and asks to be fucked so her new man shoves his big throbbing dick into her and starts fucking your former girl hard. She can barely take it at first and really has to warm up to his size since she is used to much smaller. But she gets comfortable and pulls her legs back and allows him to fully fill her up and fuck her. After a while she decides she needs his load so she blows and jerks him all over her face while telling you it will be the last time you ever see cum on her face. Ouch!

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