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Memorial Day Sale

Fuck Me Right Then You Can Have My Daughter For The Night With Ashton Blake

Memorial Day Sale

(Avg Rating: 4)

11/23/2018 | 128 Photos, 34:21 | Categories: brunette, Hardcore, tattooed

Starring Ashton Blake, Conor Coxxx

Ashton Blake is waiting for Conor as she hears a knock on the door. Ashton answers the door, and greets Conor, “I’m so glad you made it!” Conor is confused on where his girlfriend is, and why her mom called him over. Ashton explains to Conor that she needs to make sure that he is ready for her daughter, and ready for their date tomorrow. Conor is slightly confused, but assures Ashton that he will make sure her daughter is taken care of. Ashton begins to stroke Conor’s cock through his pants, and starts to unbuckle his pants. “Think of this! You can take care of me first, and if Christy is a good girl- she can have some, too.” Ashton starts to suck the tip of Conor’s cock, and makes him swear that he will not tell her daughter about this. Ashton lures Conor into the bedroom, and strokes his cock. Conor rubs and sucks Ashton’s nipples as she lays back and moans. Ashton sucks Conor’s cock, and he fucks her big tits. “I have a nice, wet, hot pussy for you in these pants!” Conor pulls down Ashton’s pants, and begins to finger her. Ashton begs for young big cock, and Conor gives it to her. Conor fucks Ashton from behind, and stretches out her pussy. Ashton lays back as Conor eats her pussy, and fucks her again. Conor pulls out and cums all over Ashton’s big breasts. Ashton still wants more of Conor’s cock, and lets him fuck her face as she lays back and enjoys. Conor fucks Ashton again, and then lets her jump on top and ride. Ashton bounces her ass up and down on Conor’s cock. Conor then fucks Ashton from the side until he cums all over her ass. “So.. Do you think I qualify for Christy?”… Ashton smiles, “I think so, baby.. You wore me out!”

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