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Casting Couch Role Reversal Fangirl Emmy Uses Interview To Fuck Conor

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(Avg Rating: 4)

07/19/2019 | 29:35 | Categories: brunette, Hardcore, POV

Starring Conor Coxxx, Emmy Lynn

As per any modeling agency interview, Conor begins by asking Emmy a few questions.. Her name, how old she is, where she is from, why she wants to do porn, how sexual she is, if she has a boyfriend, if she likes casual sex, if she likes blowjobs, girls, if she likes threesomes, if she works, and what her expectations are. Conor then wants to take a few photos, so Emmy removes all of her clothes… Leaving her completely naked. Emmy shows off her body as Conor takes photos. Conor says, thats about it! And begins to wrap up with Emmy.. Emmy is a little confused, and asks if he wants to see how she performs on camera. Emmy lays back and begins to finger herself.. She asks if she can look at Conor while she’s fingering herself, it will help her get off easier. Emmy moans as she continues to pleasure herself. Conor tells Emmy that concludes their casting.. And Emmy looks confused again. She says she thought a male talent would be brought in to see how she would perform with them. Conor explains that they are professionals, so they don’t fell the “audition” thing is necessary… Emmy looks confused again, and asks for the camera to be set aside. She is embarrassed by what she has to say. Conor asks if Emmy is okay, and Emmy explains she thinks Conor is a great agency..But she was never interested in being apart of their agency. She saw some of Conor’s videos, and thought he was really hot, she assumed if she came in, that he would test her skills as a talent. Emmy just wanted to fuck Conor the entire time. Emmy rips down Conor’s pants, and begins sucking his cock. Emmy sucks on his tip, and lays back on the bed. Emmy gets comfortable as Conor shoves his cock inside of her. Emmy moans as Conor fucks her harder.. Her juices flow down his cock. Emmy bends over so Conor can fuck her from behind .. he slams his cock in a and out of her pussy. Emmy climbs on top and rides Conor backwards. Emmy ends by sucking Conor’s cock until he cums all in her mouth!

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