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Blackmailing My Stripper Sister For Sex With Heidi Vice

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(Avg Rating: 4)

02/01/2019 | 122 Photos, 24:22 | Categories: brunette, Hardcore, tattooed

Starring Conor Coxxx, Heidi Vice

Sexy redhead, Heidi Vice, sits on the bed in a sexy school girl skirt, and crop top. Heidi begins to rub all over her body, and puts on headphones. Heidi jams out to music, and starts dancing while sitting on the bed. She starts to really feel herself, and the music, so she lays back and begins to play with her wet pussy with her fingers. Conor walks up to the slightly cracked door of Heidi’s bedroom, and he sees his Step-Sister sprawled out on the bed…playing with herself. Conor is shocked, but can’t stop watching. Heidi’s phone starts to ring, so she takes out her headphones and answers. On the phone is Heidi’s best friend, and Heidi admits to her friend that she is thinking about stripping. Heidi knows her parents won’t find out, and she can have extra money to do the things she wants. Heidi hangs up with her friend, and Conor walks in the room. “Looks like I already found out, Sis.” Conor tells Heidi that it would be a shame if their parents found out that she wanted to be a stripper. He has always found her attractive, and he admits that he was peeping on her fingering herself. Conor tells Heidi that he wants to fuck her, and he will keep her secret…if she fucks him. Heidi hesitates at first, but admits she has always found Conor cute too. Heidi pulls down Conor’s pants and sucks his cock. Heidi lays back on the bed, and Conor climbs on top of her. He shoves his cock inside of his Sister and begins to fuck her. Conor fucks his sister hard, and then licks her wet pussy. “We shouldn’t do this!” Conor quickly sticks his cock back inside of his Sister. Conor fucks Heidi from the side, then flips her over. Heidi shows off her ass shaking skills to her brother, before he sticks his cock back in her pussy. Conor fucks his Sister from behind until he pulls out and cums all over her ass. “My secret is safe with you?” Conor tells Heidi he has her back, and won’t tell anyone.

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