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I Bet You Wish Your Dick was in My Mouth

Sexy Goddess, Violet Monroe, walks in with a sexy one-piece black suit. She knows that wearing something sexy would drive you wild. "Get that dick nice and hard for me." Violet turns around and shows off her big sexy ass. Violet strips off her one-piece, leaving her completely naked. She bends over the bed, showing off her sexy ass. Violet crawls over to Conor's cock... and begins to play with his cock through his pants. She pulls out his cock, and tells you that you wish your cock was as big as his. "I bet you wish it was your dick in my mouth." Violet mocks your tiny cock as she sucks Conor's cock. Violet takes all of Conor's cock down her throat, telling you just how big it is compared to your small cock. Violet strokes and sucks Conor's cock, telling you that she knows you wish that it was yours. Violet sucks his cock until he cums all inside of her mouth. Violet spits the cum into her hand, and licks all of it back up. "You can imagine me licking all the cum off you, right now."

Released:Jun 20, 2020
Studio: Horny Household Clips
Length:16 min