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The Downfall Of Crimson Dahlia With Celestina Blooms

Crimson Dahlia (Celestina Blooms) is a secretive heroine who tasks herself with ridding her city of the worst criminals and restoring peace. She woke one morning to discover her ability to move objects with her mind, and attributed this to the dahlias she had picked the day before when her thumb was pricked by a thorn. Obsessed with flowers, she goes so far to believe that she becomes more powerful in the presence of dahlias, making this a part of her alter-identity, becoming known for leaving trails of them wherever she goes. For years, a master thief and bank robber, known only as Sycophant (Conor Coxxx) has eluded her capture, always leaving her one step behind. Celestinas obsessiveness leads to them becoming bitter enemies, so far as to neglect all else in order to see him captured. Having a bit of a crisis when her powers do not seem to work, she returns to her secret lair only to find him there. Sycophant reveals that he knows who she is, including her fatal weakness; her power is not drawn from the dahlias around her. but rather, by the necklace she had worn all her life - none of what she is capable of is actually her, but who she becomes with the necklace on. That same necklace which now resides in Sycophant's fingers, which she had taken off only a few moments before. Has Sycophant finally gotten the upper hand to make Crimson Dahlia sexually submissive? Watch to see!

Released:Sep 11, 2023
Studio: Conor Coxxx Clips
Director: Conor Coxxx
Length:58 min

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